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If you download Genshin Impact free hack for PC, then don’t worry. We will provide you Latest Moded Launcher Safe Cheat sByteGI for Genshin Impact. We have the best undetected best hack with the moded launcher for Genshin impact for the latest version 2022.

In this Genshin Impact hack free download PC you will get many features like esp, aimbot, teleport, rapid-fire, infinite stamina, speed hack, and many more you can download it for free from our website and play the game with the cool hack in Genshin Impact and earn unlimited resources for free.

Genshin Impact Hack For PC

Genshin Impact Hack Features 

  • Easy to use
  • Fly hack
  • Remove fall
  • Bow charge
  • Block enemies
  • Rapid-fire
  • Quick loot
  • Esp
  • Inf. Stamina

How to Hack Genshin Impact PC?

you need to download the moded launcher and the launcher will replace the original launcher and use a moded launcher that is too secure. This will help you to get more kills and many extra features. If you want to use the hack in Genshin impact, download and install this hack for free now.

All of the features give you more advantages to kill your anime. While playing the game, you can see their health as well as shoot faster, and if things turn south, you can run away.

How to use Genshin Impact Cheat?

  1. Download the file and extract the zip file. 
  2. Move this folder to the same folder directory as your Genshin Impact installation folder. Otherwise, this launcher will not work. 
  3. Launch CMD as Administrator 
  4. On the CMD, type giperf and press Enter. giperf.exe will download all of the data for you.
  5. giperf.exe will generate a unique number of.bat files for you.
  6. Launch Genshin Impact using those batch files.

Hotkeys of Genshin Impact Hack

Press F1: Enemies can’t hurt you.
Press F2: Infinite E/Q
Press F3: Infinite Stamina
Press F4: Show all Chests
Press F5: Rapid Fire


This article is only for educational purposes. we do not recommend you to use this hack because This hack is not created by our developer. if you will get banned so it’s your responsibility. we only provide you best information for gaming. 

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