How to Use Memory Hacker PUBG Mobile 2.6 – Emulator (Antiban ESP)

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How to Use Memory Hacker

How to use memory hacker – Download and use memory hacker is too easy if you want to learn how to use memory hacker for PUBG mobile 2.6 so you are at the right place. Here in this blog, you will learn what is memory hacker, how a memory hacker works, and how to use memory hackers for PUBG mobile. 

What is Memory Hacker?

Memory hacker is a website that gives us free cheats & hacks of PUBG mobile, Call of  Duty, and many other famous games. They give us free ESP and Aimbot for the Most famous Game PUBG Mobile.

How to use Memory Hacker on PUBG Mobile 2.6?

In this blog, I am going to tell you how to use a memory hacker. I will tell you step by step that if you follow these steps you can use memory hacker ESP for the latest PUBG Mobile 2.6 update. In this blog, we will also talk about whether memory hackers are safe or not.


1. You need to download MH Loader

if you want to download the MH loader you can simply click on the download button. MH loader is the application where the coding runs in your system to show you ESP on PUBG Mobile. It will not include in your game. This loader only works as a second screen on your PC.

Click here Download MH Loader

2. How to run MH Loader on your Computer

If you have already downloaded the MH loader then you have to open the zip file and in the zip, you will a loader. simply click on this. when you will click on loader it will ask you for a password. The Password of the MH Loader is mh. don’t write capital words it’s small. 

How to Use Memory Hacker on Latest Update PUBG Mobile 2.1- Emulator

If you face any error then you need to do this

Off your antivirus (Window defender) or other if you have installed it on your pc.
After turning off the antivirus again click on the loader and again turn on the loader file. you will see checking for an update in the MH loader then you will wait for action. it will ask you to allow the defender has blocked some services. you have to click on cancel. 

How to Use Memory Hacker on Latest Update PUBG Mobile - Emulator

After seeing this action you will go to the memory hacker website.

How to Sign up for your account on the memory hacker and use the website after signing up log in to your account. After login into your account, you will Hack Center (UI) in the Top Right Corner. Click on hack center you will see a new window of your browser. Find your game like PUBG mobile. After reaching on PUBG mobile Page at the bottom, you will see a green tick. 

How to Use Memory Hacker on Latest Update PUBG Mobile 2.1- Emulator

When you see this green thumb you can use memory hacker on PUBG mobile.
Scroll down on the page of PUBG Mobile and click on the EZPUBG tab. Click on the load button.

How to Use Memory Hacker on Latest Update PUBG Mobile 2.1- Emulator

After clicking on the load button you will see something that will be downloaded in X-Projector. 

How to Use Memory Hacker on Latest Update PUBG Mobile 2.1 - Emulator
Note: do not open your Gameloop or game first if you do not want to ban it. First Load your memory hacker and it will ask to open. 
after downloading completely it will ask you to open your game. 
Then open you’re Game and go to in lobby. when you will in the lobby then press Enter in loader. After pressing enter enjoy your ESP for PUBG mobile emulator.

Why is Memory Hacker not working on your PC?

  1. you need to do some settings or change your PC and Gameloop if your memory hacker does not work in PUBG mobile. 
  1. Go to Engine setting in your Gameloop setting and change into Direct-X if there is Open GL Selected. 
  1. Off your antivirus. 
  1. Check your window version. it should be 21H2. If your version is 22H2 then it will not work on your PC.
  1. Tried Systems: Windows 11 x64, Windows 10 x64 1607-21H2, Windows 8.1 x64, Windows 8 x64
  1. Assuming you have faced or vanguard in your framework, additionally in the event that you’re utilizing any sort of antivirus programming, you want to cripple every one of them for having the option to utilize this cheat.

If you will do this setting your Memory Hacker will work. 

Download Memory Hacker UI Loader

Download File

Click here to watch video

How to Use Memory Hacker PUBG Mobile 2.1

Memory Hacker Not Working Fix File


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Tell me also is your Memory Hacker working now?

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