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Hello guys, welcome to our Legend of Slime Greatest Construct Information, On this construct information,  we are going to present you the perfect construct of Legend Slime. All of the under builds are shared by group gamers and on this information, one can find the Insect construct and Cat Construct.

So come and check out this Legend of Slime Greatest Construct Wiki. you too can learn our Legends of Slime Codes Checklist, Legend of Slime Idle RPG Tier List and Legends of Slime Guide

Legend of Slime Greatest Construct 2023

Endy’s 3 Insect Construct/Information


Because the title suggests, you will have 3 bugs for this construct. It may be any of the insect companions :Blink: :Crink: :Beetle: :Elder:. You do not want elder for this construct. Your bugs ought to not less than be at an honest degree, often round 50. Your different two companions needs to be the 2 strongest companions you could have, regardless of which kind they’re.


:PlushLycan: Plush Lycan (or chick doll :ChickDoll: if one in all your companions is a hen)
:Suncrown: Solar Crown
:SapDish: Sap Dish (this must be not less than degree 30-50)
:AncientBonsai: Historical Bonsai (or bamboo :FlexibleBamboo: in the event you can’t survive with out it)
:GoldBread: Gold Bread
:DwarfArmor: Dwarf King Armor


:Pottery: Pottery
:Ruby: Ruby
:SparrowFigurine: Sparrow Figurine
:RegalPillow: Regal Pillow
:SacredNecklace: Sacred Necklace
:KitsuneMask: Kitsune Masks (or slime masks :SlimeMask: in the event you can’t survive with sacred necklace :SacredNecklace: and bamboo :FlexibleBamboo:)
:TomeOfDisorder: Tome of Dysfunction

Sparrow figurine works on all companions now, not simply chickens. That makes it by far your best option for this construct.


:Rage: Rage
:Reaper: Reaper
No different abilities

Regal pillow’s results are extra unfold out the extra abilities you could have outfitted. By equipping solely rage and reaper, you possibly can focus regal pillow’s results on these abilities and hold an virtually fixed uptime for rage and cut back reaper’s cooldown to round 2 seconds. You could discover higher outcomes by including in a excessive degree mythic ability along with rage and reaper. It’s useful to check out a wide range of abilities and see what works finest for you personally.


Any excessive companion % ring. Comp assault is the principle supply of harm for this construct, so it’s essential to have a excessive companion % in your ring. I personally suggest going for S grade rings, though some could suggest going for a C grade ring for the reaper increase. Reaper injury falls off immensely within the endgame so I can’t personally suggest a C grade ring.


Your toy ought to comply with the overall rule for all toys. Early on/earlier than you get an unique toy, you need to purpose for assault > crit > comp. For unique degree toys, you need crit > comp > ability.


You must use all assault traits for this construct. Though it’s a companion injury centered construct, companion traits are very dangerous compared to common assault traits.

Kité´s Birdfrog Construct

Slime – Ignis (All my Slimes are at Lv. 140, solely Crobi is at Lv. 180.)
Ring – Degree 79

Companion Injury 1121%

Toy – A Degree 71
ATK – 5755%
Ability – Cooldown -2%

Abilities – Rage, Reaper
Relics – Pottery, Ruby, Sparrow Figurine, Regal Pillow, Sacred Necklace, Birdy Masks, Tome Of Dysfunction

Comp – Ebony: Lv. 93, :White: Lv. 100, :Crisp: Lv. 100, :The Blue Chicken: Lv. 100, :IceFrog: Lv. 33 (I don´t have a excessive Degree Djini)

Treasures – :ChickDoll::Suncrown::FrogVase::AncientBonsai::GoldBread::DwarfArmor:

Traits – :SynergyHydra: :GradeS: ATK
:SynergyHydra: :GradeS: ATK
:SynergyHydra: :GradeS: ATK
:SynergyGhost: :GradeS: ATK
:SynergyHydra: :GradeSS: sATK (Yeah i don´t have Trait Luck)

Mastery – Widespread – Infinite ATK 174
Promotion – All ATK´s on the left as much as the Infinite.
Analysis – Slime Fusion Reactor 3/5, Brainstorm 10/10. (no Lord of Hell´s Lecture)


Inferno I 8-7
Your Slimes: 16/18
Cleared Mine Depth: 16925m
Dwarven King File: 1.13T


ATK 10.1P
HP 674G
HP Restoration 47.2G
ASPD 8.59
Vital Hit Probability 100%
Vital Hit Injury 85796%
Ability Cooldown 54%
Motion Velocity 252%
Primary Assault Injury 500%
Evasion Charge 20%
Companion Injury 1221%
Companion ASPD 1920%
Ability Injury 746%
Boss Injury Quantity 4100%
Gold Receive 673%
Welcome Again Bonus 120%
Mine Analysis Velocity 800%
Pickaxe Achieve Velocity 160%
Ore Achieve Bonus 1100%

In order that´s all i’ve to share.

Shared by Kité – [Inferno 8-9]

Insomniate’s Construct – V1.11.2

Present Stage: Inferno 2, 1-1

Slime: :Ignis:

:Crink: – Lv100
:Beetle: – Lv100
:Elder: – Lv1
:Ebony: – Lv100
:Djini: – Lv88

:SparrowFigurine: – Exploit it whereas it lasts
:PearlNecklace: – Use :SacredNecklace: in the event you die

:SapDish: – 3 bugs higher than 4/5 hen/chicken attributable to :SparrowFigurine: exploitation
:DwarfArmor: – Higher than 4 bugs and/or :UndeadKingArmor:

:Rage: – Lv100
:Reaper: – Lv100
:Pyrokinesis: – Lv100
:SummonEvilSpirit: – Lv100
:Blizzard: – Lv100
:DarkClouds: – Lv88
(:IrradiatingComet: is healthier than :Pyrokinesis:, however I want I’ve it)

Legendary Lv72 – :IgnisToy:
ATK + Ability Injury

230% Darkish Cloud Dmg
3401% Vital Hit Injury
624% Companion Injury
864% Ability Injury

:SynergyHydra: – SS ATK
:SynergyHydra: – SS ATK
:SynergyFiend: – SS ATK
:SynergyHydra: – Rubbish
:SynergyHydra: – Rubbish

4/20 – Lord of Hell
4/20 – Armor Ornament

Tree: Simply go all method left for ATK nodes solely

Shared by Insomnia [Inferno 2, 1-1]

Present Max Stage

Inferno I 3-2


  • Lively Crobi – 160
  • Aku – 120
  • Serpine – 140
  • Astrie – 140
  • Kobalus – 140
  • Melissa – 140
  • Deva – 140
  • Osteon – 140
  • Ornis – 160
  • Ghost – 140
  • Amber – 140
  • Mecha – 140
  • Santa – 140
  • Penguin – 140
  • Ignis – Unowned


  • GradeS Blizzard (Degree 104)
  • ATK : 16188%
  • HP : 1079%
  • Blizzard : 151%
  • Vital Hit Injury : 2921%
  • Ability Cooldown : -3%
  • Companion Injury : 474%
  • Ability Injury : 398%
  • Boss Injury Quantity : 147%


  • Rage – 100
  • Reaper – 100
  • Pyrokinesis – 100
  • Summon Evil Spirit – 100
  • Chicken Strike – 74
  • Darkish Clouds – 60


  • Historical Cash – 100
  • Ruby – 100
  • Slime Figurine – 100
  • Regal Pillow – 100
  • Pearl Necklace – 100
  • Kitsune Masks – 100
  • Tome of Dysfunction – 89

Traits & Synergy

  • SynergyFiend: Improve Companion ATK by 300%
  • SynergyHydra: Improve ATK by 300%
  • SynergyHydra: Improve ATK by 300%
  • SynergyFiend: Improve Companion ATK by 300%
  • SynergyHydra: Improve Ability ATK by 300%


  • Crink – 100
  • Beetle – 100
  • Blink – 100
  • Djini – 100
  • Elder – 2


  • Plush Lycan – 100
  • Solar Crown – 100
  • Sap Dish – 70
  • Historical Bonsai – 61
  • Gold Bread – 82
  • Undead King Armor – 100

Mastery Factors

SlimeLevels – 1980


  • ATK – 112
  • Well being: HP – 0


  • Left aspect -> As much as ATK 87,500% improve (2/7)


My present part within the Slime Analysis Desk

  • Blobcraft – 10
  • Brainstorm – 8/10

Screech’s Construct



Endy’s 3 Legend of Slime Insect construct

That is presently the three insect construct I take advantage of. I’ve had folks check it after the brand new replace was launched, and it constantly carried out higher than the frog and chicken construct. I figured I’d make a publish if folks needed to strive it out. Nonetheless engaged on getting higher traits.

Endy’s 3 Legend of Slime Insect build
Endy’s 3 Legend of Slime Insect construct
Endy’s 3 Legend of Slime Insect build
Endy’s 3 Legend of Slime Insect construct


Legend of Slime Cat Construct – *by Jean.M*

This Construct Is Designed For = Mid-Recreation To Finish-Recreation [VH – HELL]


As for a cat construct we need to have a companion set with 3 cats and a couple of supporting pets for extra companions dmg.
There isn’t a particular setup for supporters as everyone seems to be progressing otherwise.
So for now you must determine it out by your self.


You need to have:

  • Historical cash
  • Topas or Opal ¹
  • Cat figurine
  • Pile of cash
  • Sacred necklace
  • Kitsune masks ²
  • Tome of dysfunction

this is determined by your hp/hp restoration in the event you lose well being go opal in any other case topaz.

similar as for gems, if wanted swap to slime or folksy.


You need to have the quickest abilities potential, to set off the figurine as typically as potential.

  • Magic coin
  • Slime press
  • Egg throw
  • Lightning strikes
  • Detonative slime
  • Terrify


Intention to tug

1 -2 Assault Injury
3 -4 Companion Injury
For synergy, i’d counsel
1 Vampire ( purple )
And doubtless 4 Hydra ( orange )

How This Legend of Slime Cat Construct Works

This construct is straight ahead as soon as it’s set you’re good.

The Cat figurine is our fundamental dmg supply the place we throw a fish each time a ability is used.

That’s why we wish the quickest abilities potential to set off the figurine extra typically!

Now now we have our 3 cats to get much more fish yay!

So why not 5 cats you could ask?

3 cats are the candy spot for extra figurine use and dmg. It appears to be just like the figurine is utilizing the entire companion group dmg as its dmg supply. So with that data, we set our greatest 3 cats plus 2 supporters to get larger total Crew Injury.
To push this even additional we wish some good companion dmg traits.

Please observe that this construct isn’t finalized but and continues to be a piece in progress.

That’s it for this Legend of Slime Greatest Construct Information 2023

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