Legend of Slime Best Traits Guide and Synergies List

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Hello guys, welcome to our Legend of Slime Greatest Traits Information, On this article, you can find Traits and Synergies. On this recreation, you’ll be able to earn Trait Factors From Idle Rewards or The Dwarven King (DK) and Spend Trait Factors To Re-Roll The Present Traits. You may test the listing of accessible traits proven within the Legend of Slime in case you press the I button within the high proper nook.

The two greatest methods to get extra trait factors are preventing the Dwarven King and amassing idle rewards each hour. You can too buy some within the league store however it’s costly for a really small quantity.

An inventory of accessible Legend of Slime traits is proven within the recreation in case you press the I button within the high proper nook. All unlocked traits can be randomly modified to New One and They Rank From F Worst -> SS Greatest

Upon getting a trait you need you’ll be able to lock it, to cease it from being eliminated locking. A trait will improve the trait level value to re-roll. Do that again and again till you may have 5 traits you need. So now come and try this legend of slime traits information and greatest synergies listing wiki

Legend of Slime Greatest Traits Information – Tier Record

Legend of Slime Greatest Trait

Improve Assault – In contrast to the ability and companion traits, this trait works multiplicatively in your complete assault stat, making this the most effective trait to go for.

Legend of Slime First rate Traits

Improve Companion Assault – This trait is additive to your complete companion assault%. There are only some locations to get companion assault bonuses making this the second-best trait. Notice: In case you’re utilizing a 4-bug construct, you will have two comp assault traits for the undead armour to work effectively.

Improve Ability Assault – There aren’t many locations you may get ability assault boosts which makes this trait higher than these listed beneath. Nevertheless, this trait can be additive to your complete ability assault, making it fall quick in comparison with the traits above.

Legend of Slime Dangerous/Ineffective Traits:

Further gold – As a result of stat prices rising exponentially, further gold could be very lacklustre and never helpful in any respect. You’re significantly better off going for a gold ring to equip whereas afk.

Crit probability – This could have a slight use earlier than you maxed out crit probability on the stat web page, however upon getting it maxed this trait is nugatory.

Improve crit injury – This stat is addictive and subsequently very weak since you’ll have already got such a excessive crit stat.

ASPD – Very unhealthy attributable to horrible values.

Improve Max HP – Similar as ASPD has poor values.

Multishot – Like crit probability, this may be helpful earlier than you may have double or triple shot maxed out, however when you do that trait turns into nugatory.

Legend of Slime Synergies Information

Legend of Slime Greatest Synergy:

Hydra – Will increase assault%. Whereas 30% might look like a small enhance, this synergy acts as a very separate multiplier, making the 30% improve an enormous enhance.

Legend of Slime Good Synergy:

Ghost – Will increase HP and EVA. Thought of the second-best synergy and may be useful in rising survivability.

Dangerous/Ineffective Synergies:

Slime – Will increase injury of fundamental assault. Very poor values.

Vampire – Recovers 5% HP each second. Will be helpful for Slime Legion, however falls quick in comparison with different synergies.

Fiend – Will increase crucial hit injury. Just like the trait, that is an additive enhance to your complete crit assault. The additional you progress, the more serious this will get.

Supreme Legend of Slime trait loadout: 5 SS assault traits. 4 hydra synergy and 1 ghost synergy. In case you’re utilizing a 4 bug construct, the perfect trait loadout is 3 SS assaults and a couple of SS companion injury. 4 hydra synergy and 1 ghost synergy.

Notice: The fifth synergy isn’t all that necessary. The 4 hydra is what actually makes a distinction.

Legend of Slime Synergy Information

– Every Trait Is Randomly Given A Synergy ; Ghost, Vampire, Hydra, Fiend, Slime
– You Can Additionally View What Every Synergy Does By Clicking Synergy Impact.
– Combining The Proper Synergies Collectively You Can Get Even Extra Bonuses From Your Traits.

Synergies Can Not Be Chosen And Are Fully Random To The Re-Roll Of Traits


– Deal with ATK traits.

– Crit Likelihood, Crit Dmg are fairly ineffective on this space of the sport.

– Gold, Multishot and ASPD are additionally a giant No!

– It looks like probably the most optimum synergy could be 4 hydrae (orange) and 1 ghost (blue).

That’s it for our Legend of Slime Traits Information and Greatest Synergies Record Wiki.

Legends of Slime Traits Information

Very Dangerous/Ineffective Traits:

– Further Gold could be very overrated. A 50% gold improve (SS) results in a MAXIMUM of strictly lower than (1 + 82 / ATK LVL)^2 * 1.014 – 1 DMG INCREASE!! This evaluates to at most a 7.0% dmg improve at 3k ATK LVL, 4.8% at 5k LVL and three.1% at 10k LVL. See the tip for more information.

– crit. probability (maxed by gold)

– Fiend (crit. probability) synergy

– Improve crit. dmg (it’s addictive, completely ineffective)

– ASPD (horrible, unhealthy values)

Fall off in some unspecified time in the future (hypothesis, however first ideas strongly recommend so):

– Multishot (additionally unhealthy values)

– ASPD (unhealthy regardless)

– Slime synergy (improve injury of Primary Assault)

doubtless not superb however possibly useable:

– Improve Max HP (unhealthy values)

– Improve companion ATK, most likely unhealthy, additionally no concept late recreation.

EXPShard: Thus, the by far greatest traits appear to be

– Improve ATK

– Improve Ability ATK
(Each are superior to the diploma that the optimum trait mixture might be 3-4x ATK and 2-1x Ability ATK (in the event that they act additively on one another) or 5x ATK in the event that they act independently)

Rationalization of the worthlessness of Further Gold:

The numbers are an higher sure on the utmost dmg improve you would get even in case you had been to play infinitely lengthy. Higher sure that means that they favour Further Gold.

Whereas it is likely to be unintuitive that the potential dmg improve of Further Gold just isn’t infinite, it’s completely affordable as a result of exponential progress of the prices. The associated fee improve price of ATK and crit. dmg is 0.5%.

Thus, in case you get 82 > log_1.005 (1.5) = 81.26… LVLs of every, their costs will completely be 50% elevated.

In different phrases, the impact of fifty% extra gold is lower than 82 lvls which collectively have an impact of lower than (1 + 82 / ATK LVL)^2 – 100%. Related calculations for triple/double Pictures result in a most of a further 1.4% dmg.

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