PUBG Mobile 2.6 Aimbot not Working Fix – Memory Hacker

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Memory Hacker aimbot not working in the latest PUBG Mobile 2.6. If you are facing this problem so you are at the right place. Read this all if you want to use the aimbot of memory hacker. 

PUBG Mobile 2.1 Aimbot not working Fix - Memory Hacker


1. What is Aimbot?

An aimbot is a product device utilized in first-individual shooting match-ups that permit the player to shoot foes without pointing their weapon. Since this assists the player with shooting all the more precisely with less ability, it is viewed as cheating. Different projects are accessible to help identify or not permit players to utilize aimbots

2. How to use Aimbot in Memory Hacker?

Go to the memory hacker website and download MH loader from there. Link of MH loader. After downloading the MH loader if your game is already opened then close it first if you don’t want to get banned. Open memory UI, and load Memory Hacker cheat. When you load it, the PUBGM loader will close the memory UI automatically. On the off chance that it doesn’t, you need to close it without anyone else. Now, you can open the game, and press ENTER when you’re in the lobby. In the game, you will see a setting popup there of a cheat.

PUBG Mobile 2.1 Aimbot not working Fix - Memory Hacker

In the Cheat box settings, you will see the aimbot and if you will click on the aimbot it will ask you to download G-Hub software to use the aimbot of memory hacker. If want to download G-Hub so click here. After downloading G-Hub install it on your computer and restart your Pc. Again Run your cheat and open your game then you will click on aimbot and you will see an aimbot setting showing you in the picture. 

PUBG Mobile Emulator Aimbot Not Working

you have to check all the boxes and Come down on the third point on the key. on the key is already selected None option you have to click on none it will ask you to click any key then click your mouse right button. If you click your mouse right button then your aimbot will work with scope in PUBG mobile. Even if you can choose your own button to use aimbot it’s up to you. It’s done now enjoy your aimbot. 

3. PUBG Mobile 2.6 Aimbot Not Working

I see after 2.6 PUBG Mobile updates you disapprove of making aimbot work. Aimbot not working because you are using the latest version of G-Hub. To make aimbot work, you need to utilize G-Hub rendition 2021.3.9205. To take care of your concern, if it’s not too much trouble, follow these means:

  1. If you as of now have GHUB on your framework, uninstall it and restart your PC.
  2. Click Below on the download button to download old G-Hub.
  3. After your installation finish open your G-Hub and open program settings (on the right top) and uncheck “Auto Update your G-Hub.
  4. Restart your PC.
  5. Open the cheat and make your settings.

4. Solution of  EzPUBGM Memory Hacker ESP Stop in Match. 

EzPUBGM ESP automatically stops issues in detail. 

if EzPUBGM esp automatically turns off after 5-10 minutes in the match. The hack menu is working always but esp and aimbot stop working during the match. Esp and aimbot stop working after 5-10 minutes in the match and don’t work the whole match and in when you start the next game of PUBG mobile then again esp work till the last zone then again stop work.
Solution of ESP Stop Automatically stop

The Best solution for ESP stopping is to Uninstall your G-Hub and restart your computer. after the restart, your computer turns off your aimbot from the cheat box. then enjoy your esp will not stop again. 

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Click here to download G-Hub old version. 

Click here to Watch Video How to Use & Fix Aimbot

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