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Ten Groups are sharing in $60,000 in Funds through High Waterway’s Family and Local Community Administrations, or FCSS.

The Highest Amount, $10,000, goes to Incorporation Lower regions while Wild Rose People group Associations get $9,000.

The two nearby school divisions, Christ the Deliverer and Lower Regions get $7,500 each.

Here is the full rundown:

    $3,000 to the BGC Lower Regions Club; Volunteer Enrollment and Coordination
    $7,500 to Christ the Savior School Division; Associations Projects
    $4,000 to Eunoia Equine Helped Learning; Equine Helped Learning
    $5,000 to Lower regions Provincial Casualty Administrations; Volunteer Program
    $8,000 to Lower regions Nation Hospice; Volunteer Administrations
    $7,500 to Lower regions School Division; Family School Contact Guide
    $10,000 to Consideration Lower regions; Family Backing Project
    $2,000 to Junior Accomplishment of Southern Alberta; Volunteer Program
    $4,000 to the Branches Program of Rowan House Crisis Sanctuary; Branches Counteraction Ed. Program
    $9,000 to Wild Rose People group Associations; Father's Focal

FCSS programs across the area give yearly contingent financing through the Local Area Award Program to associations whose projects fit inside
the rules expressed in the Family and Local Area Backing Administrations Act and Guideline and work to address a local area need. Read more on the homepage.

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